Eric Best Scenario Thinking



Current and Prior Clients, and Testimonials…

  • COFRA Holding AG
  • The Windward School
  • Pacific Pension Institute
  • Deutsche Bank
  • The Asia Society
  • GoodEnergies
  • California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS)
  • McKinsey & Co.
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Permira
  • Phillips Academy Endowment Fund
  • Scotia Bank
  • School of the Holy Child
  • Shinsei Bank
  • Synergenics
  • UBS
  • Williams College
  • Xstrata Nickle
  • Providence Equity Partners
  • Center for Houston’s Future


“Eric has enabled us to take a group of senior business leaders and have them look explicitly beyond the probable to the possible. On more than one occasion this has led to new insights on opportunities and risks and therefore to tangible actions that have helped shape the course of our business. It has at the same time allowed us to increase the common bond of the participants and helped them to face the challenges together. I look forward to working together with Eric again in the future.”

CEO Stan Brenninkmeijer COFRA Holding, Zug, Switzerland


“During my six years as board president of The Windward School in White Plains, New York, we worked with Eric Best twice, both times with great success.

I chose Eric Best because he was recommended by an independent school contact and just by chance by a contact in the business world. I was impressed by his ability to straddle those worlds and found him to be very easy to talk to from our first conversation.

At my first retreat as president of the board, I wanted a true “visioning” exercise where we, as a group, could really dream the impossible dream. We had always spoken casually and anecdotally about our aspirations for the school and I wanted to see where we might be able to take this institution, given the chance to dream. The outcomes were successful beyond my expectations and I believe it was the guidance and inspiration that Eric provided that allowed us to reach an unusual level of consensus.

We have continued to use the language Eric developed with us during that process as we’ve moved forward and four years after our initial meeting, we invited Eric back to facilitate a second session of planning for the future. This was a much more open-ended, intellectual process intended to stimulate thinking, prior to the work of strategic planning.

Again we were very happy with the outcomes.”

Devon Fredericks, The Windward School


“Eric: It was a great pleasure getting to know you and thank you for such a wonderful seminar. I was surprised myself how quickly the group reached to a conclusion about our portfolio and the downside risk.This is not a consensus-driven business, so to me it is ok if some lack the nerve to believe in the facts. I think (our chief executive) takes this seminar seriously and I believe he will do something about it”

Seminar participant in global financial scenario for market and investor responses


“Eric is one of the best I have seen at getting organizations and individuals to think about their purpose, approach and perspective. His training as a journalist allows him to ask probing questions and point out the “giant pink elephant” in the room. Eric is never afraid to ask the tough questions to organizations or individuals, regardless of their rank or level of self-importance.

If you find your group or organization paralyzed by dysfunctional team dynamics or just adrift, then I highly recommend Eric to come in and push the envelope. If you have leaders who don’t lead or refuse to listen to their peers or subordinates in spite of the data, then bring in Eric.

Eric brings many approaches to the table and can quickly get a team to cut to the chase. He’s seen every blocking technique and his ability to moderate and lead group discussions is second to none.

He has worked with the highest levels of leadership at Morgan Stanley and at the same time was able to quickly build the trust and confidence of those in the trenches. Eric’s ability to converse with all levels of the organization means he will extract large numbers of hidden nuggets and may be the only source for putting together all peices of the puzzle.”

John Reynolds, (formerly of Morgan Stanley), Managing Director at Citadel


“In my role as the chief strategic thinker for Morgan Stanley in Asia, I engaged the help of a scenario planning expert named Eric Best. Eric helped us complete over five years of scenarios on Japan and China to establish a framework for thinking about the design of our business model. The success of our business in Asia, which is now well documented, I believe was importantly a product of Eric’s help.”

John “Jack” Wadsworth, former Chairman for Morgan Stanley Asia


“I have participated in four scenario planning sessions run by Eric. The group has made valuable unexpected discoveries in each of them about the business environment, about the challenges they face, and about each other. Eric achieves this through a combination of meticulous preparation regarding the business, high intelligence, and natural leadership ability. You feel he is right there with you, troubled by the same ambiguities, having the same insights.”

Harrison Young, former chairman for Morgan Stanley Australia


“Thank you again. The preparation paid off and we got further than we had ever gone before. Terrific learnings for my corporate world.”

Bernadette Wade, chairman of the board, School of the Holy Child and Director of Communications, Pepsico